Bobby & John Nelson

Washington, USA, 2014

Thank you so much for opening your home and life to share with us. The hunting was excellent far out way our expectations. Chris Knowledge of the land and game animals was Impressive. The food was fantastic, pegs stories and friendship a super bonus. Memories will last forever. It was truly a great experience.

Bruce & Carolyn Adams

Bottineau, USA

What an amazing time with an amazing Team. We felt very welcome & comfortable in your home. Chris made me feel very safe and comfortable on the hunt the hikes he lead me on to get the best possible stag were fantastic. I wanted to hunt in New Zealand for many years and Chris & peg have gone beyond my expectations.

Phil & Sharon Widman

Meredith, USA

How do you say goodbye to our new family. I know from Phil's perspective this has been a Stella hunting experiences. He says it was the most exciting hunt he ever made He has so much confer dances in Chris as a guide. From my perspective, someone who does not travel much let alone as far from home I feel so very touched that you both have enveloped us into your life, I am thrilled to think of coming again.

Tom & Loni Straus Baugh

Madison, USA

The fantastic hunting was only topped by the superb hospitality expended to Loni and me the laughter around the dinner table topped off a wonderful days hunting every day. Pegs natural effervescence, good cooking and sharp wit were a joy. My admiration of Chris as a person and a hunter is near foundered .He was particularity mindful of my physical limitation and for that he has my eternal gratification.

Tony Brubaker & Sue Crow

Washington, USA

What a marvelous country New Zealand is as well as you our hosts it is another memories we will have all our lives. We are blessed to have come here to share a bit of time with you both. It was a fantastic trip. "To travel with a friend is to see twice the beauty."

Harold Davies

Oakley, USA

Thank you for all the beautiful sights and great hunting I have greatly enjoyed the time spent with you. I had a great hunt with Chris.

Giancarlo BoientiI


I came to New Zealand to hunt Tahr. I heard that many people did that by helicopter BUT in my mind I thought I could be possible to hunt that goat in the right way making a real mountain hunt. After experienced Chris Bilkey outfitter I am sure I was right. Very challenging hunts beautiful country awesome animals I couldn't say better things of this outfitter. Excellent Peggy.

Tim & Dan Millard

Carlinville, USA

Tim asked me to repeat what he said at the table that you two make a great team and that Chris Truly is the most PROFESSIONAL guide he has ever hunted with. Dan and I have hunted on six continents and nothing measures to this experiences we have had with you. Thank for a lovely introduction to N Z and a fabulous hunt.

Jerry & Becky Hennessy


Thanks for another great hunt we got great trophy animal's more We enjoyed hunting the animals that you have here and also love the hospitality that you have given us Everything is top notch. You Guys definably have a special place.

Gary GodFried

Texas, USA

Thank you such and incredible experiences not only a magnificent hunt but an exposure to a whole new beautiful world. Anyone can take you up in the mountains but you guys made us feel warm and part of the family this si a unique gift and I thank you for that.

Kathy Story

Texas, USA

What a fabulous hunting holiday we had with you shared your lovely home in a special way. The trophies were awesome cannot wait to see them in Texas Could not have been any better.

The Haldane - 12 people

Texas, USA & Africa

Crew Thanks a million for putting up with our demands you pulled it off and made this trip a great trip for us all .Had a fabulous time, beautiful country outstanding trophy animals. Great guiding and hospitality from all the staff. Made us all feel at home thanks to Peg and Chris for the adventure of a life of a life time.

Larry Higgins


Thanks again for the Adventure of the hunt. We will see you again.

Daniel Mulholland


A good hunt and another great animal.